Pasadena Family Law

Family Law Attorneys Advocating for Parties in Divorce and Child Custody Cases throughout the Greater Los Angeles Area.

Child Custody & Visitation

1 We work with parents to design child-centered schedules that are tailored to each family’s circumstances.  Where our opposition refuses those plans and we’re required to obtain judicial decisions, we present our position persuasively to the court in written and oral argument.  Learn more about Child Custody & Visitation.

Child & Spousal Support

2 Calculating proper child and spousal support payments requires us to understand the financial structure of both households.  By obtaining records through discovery, including bank and credit card statements, pay-stubs, tax returns, and other demonstrations of income, expenses, and earning ability, we’ll assemble the information we need to approach your case. Learn more about Child & Spousal Support.

Divorce & Community Property

3 Identifying separate property early in any divorce helps us to safeguard those items while coordinating the division of all community assets, including bank and retirement accounts, household furnishings, and real property. Learn more about Divorce & Community Property.

We require honest communication from our clients and deliver the same.  This ensures that we build each case plan to fit that client’s true story and priorities.  When we know a client’s strengths and weaknesses, we’re able to assess prospects of success on each issue, frame our efforts, and determine how to approach goals and handle vulnerabilities from the outset.