Child and Spousal Support

Living in Southern California is expensive, even for partners who share a single household.  When parties divide to carry two homes, they frequently face new and significant financial obligations.

California law provides avenues to obtain child and spousal support, whereby one party, typically (though not always) the higher earner, provides a designated amount to the other party each month.  With child support, this permits the child to have a more balanced standard of living between the two homes.  With spousal support, the goal is to bring the partner needing support closer to “the marital standard of living.”

Child and Spousal Support can be significant obligations on the paying party.  They require sacrifice by the payor in his or her standard of living, and I applaud those men and women who are diligent, timely, and gracious in making their support payments.   On the other side of that coin, I have no patience for deliberate refusals to pay support.  I don’t abide that level of disrespect by my own clients, and I pursue other parties when they owe my clients past-due support funds.

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