Child Custody and Visitation

Children of any marriage are our first priority.  Step one requires efforts to stabilize custody and visitation arrangements during transition periods by tailoring predictable schedules and constructive parenting plans.

We design our client’s plans to be as positive as for the specific children involved as possible, taking into account their relationships with each parent , the stability and structure of their respective households, and logistics like schooling, travel, and the parents’ work schedules.

Once we’ve drafted our plan to be the best we can assemble for the children, we submit it to our opposition and ask that it be implemented.  If they don’t agree, then we negotiate toward that schedule or one of our alternates.  If the other party is unwilling to agree to acceptable terms, then we proceed to court by filing a motion.  That motion, called in family law a “Request for Order,” will ask our judge to order our plans into effect on the grounds that they are better-calculated to serve the children than those submitted by the other party.

My goal in each case is to understand the dynamics of my client’s communication with the other parent, the relationships and connection each child shares with each parent, and to consider any needs unique to the children involved.  We use those components to assemble proposals that will be acceptable to our clients, respectful of the individual children, and persuasive to our opposition and our bench officers.

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