Karen Slowik

Karen Slowik didn’t intend to become a family law attorney when she swore in as a member of the California Bar in 2012. She graduated from U.C.L.A. Law School in 2012 and went to work for a tech startup, volunteering her free time at domestic violence legal clinics in Los Angeles.

In early 2014, Karen began supporting attorney Phil Marr on a handful of cases in his then-solo practice. In a month she was indispensable. She signed on full-time and continues to contribute substantial discernment in high-conflict cases, a keen grasp of tangled legal issues, and loyalty to our firm’s clients.

Karen enjoyed her undergraduate education at U.C. Davis, where she completed her bachelor’s degree in English and AncientHistory in 2009. Next came U.C.L.A. Law School, where she served as managing editor of the school’s Women’s Law Journal, volunteered at juvenile hall and public law clinics, and clerked for the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office.