Pasadena Family Law Testimonials

My husband and I were in need of a family law attorney to help us with a child custody and child support case. We retained an established firm in Pasadena (Palermo, Barbaro, Chinen & Pitzer) back when Phil was an associate there.

Considering the mountains of paperwork, the extensive history we already had going in and out of court, and the disappointing experiences with attorneys in the past, we were in desperate need of counsel.

Phil immediately became familiar with our complicated case history. His knowledge, compassion, and commitment to our family was apparent from the start, and we found ourselves breathing easier for the first time in years. He was always (and still is) just a phone call or email away....not to mention, he'd actually get back to us in a timely manner. He never left us feeling stranded and carried our legal burden so we could focus that time and energy on our family.

If you've ever been faced with a custody case, you know how emotionally and mentally exhausting it can be. The last thing you should be worried about is the competency of your attorney, or if they're committed to seeing your case through. We never had to worry about either with Phil.

He is our attorney to this day and I recommend him without hesitation.T.H.
Phil Marr is the man. He truly has a passion for Law, and for helping normal people navigate the system! I leave his office feeling empowered- and that he's totally got my back!L.T.
In December, 2012, my courageous daughter lost her battle with breast cancer. Soon thereafter, my family and I were denied all contact with my grandson by my daughter's estranged husband. For six long months, we found ourselves struggling not only with grief over the loss of my grandson's mother, but also the hurtful separation from my grandson at a time when he especially needed the support of his mother's family.

When I first contacted Phil Marr, he immediately went to work for me and gave me hope that something could be done to reunite me and my family with my grandson. We are so grateful for his diligence and unwavering attention to our case. It became very clear to us that Mr. Marr cared about us, and cared about the welfare of my grandson. Mr. Marr patiently addressed all my fears and concerns; he took the load off my shoulders and carried it himself.

I can't begin to describe the joy and relief we felt when Mr. Marr was successful in securing visitation for us and we were finally reunited with my grandson. My family and I will forever be grateful to him for his thoughtfulness, counsel, and his expert attention to our case.K.H.
Phil was part of the team that represented my divorce and custody case at PBC&P when he was an associate there. I recently discovered that he had broken away to commence his own practice; while this is a loss for PBC&P, it is not surprising that someone of Phil's caliber would find it necessary to hang his own shingle.

Phil is detailed, insightful, diligent, and timely in all aspects of his work. More importantly, he is honest and direct. Phil will advise you in an even-handed manner even if the best course of action does not exactly align with the outcome that you desire; however, rest assured that he will fight tirelessly on your behalf with both efficiency and professionalism.

I cannot overstate my recommendation that you retain him as your counsel.A.J.T.
After being contacted by a lawyer telling me I was being sued for custody of my young daughter by her dad with an ex parte motion the next morning, I began contacting lawyers. I called so many that I was starting to lose track of who I spoke to and who I hadn't. I didn't have confidence in any of the lawyers I spoke with, and settled on a lawyer who said he would meet me in court the next day but had no interest in hearing my story.

I felt so defeated and hopeless and that is when I got a call that has changed my life. On the other end of the phone was attorney Phil Marr. He listened to my circumstance with compassion and sincerity. As soon as I finished he sprang into action. I felt an instant calm and comfort knowing Phil is on my side. Phil has worked with me on my retainer and payment. He made it possible for a single mother of two to afford truly the best counsel.

Phil has spent countless hours working on my case and is always there when I need him. There has never been a time when I called him and he did not answer. Even though I am not his only client, every time I talk to Phil he makes me feel as though I am. I always have his full attention.

Phil is the perfect combination of pit-bull and compassion. Hopefully this is the last time I need a lawyer however if ever do I will never trust or go to anyone except Phil Marr.K.M.